Places and Activities That Make Dubai a Good Vacation Spot

20 Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Dubai | Dubai Holidays

Dubai’s tourism market has grown and is continuing to grow over the last couple of years.

Though not the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the largest and the most populous city in the country.

It attracts millions of tourists each year and has largely contributed to the GDP of the United Arab Emirates.

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By reading this article, it means you are planning to visit Dubai or the thought of traveling to Dubai is in your mind. Here, we are going to examine why Dubai is a great vacation spot.

1.  Desert Safari

It will never be a Dubai travel without booking a desert safari. A desert safari should be the first thing you do once you land in Dubai.

It is an adventurous Jeep drive through the desert with a stop at a campsite where you can ride camels and do other fun activities.

2.  Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is not just a shopping mall it is an entertainment store. With beautiful food courts and a variety of high-end stores. From the mall, you can also get a sighting of the magnificent Burj Khalifa.

3.  The Palm Islands

Some of the things that actually attract tourists to Dubai are the three artificial Palm Islands. The Palm Jumeirah, the Palm jebel Ali, and the palm deira.

There is nothing as beautiful as skydiving while overlooking Dubai’s Palm Islands.

Upon your visitation, you will get to know all the mind-blowing facts about the construction of Palm Island. The details are stunning and it tells you how much humans can really do.

4.  Burj Khalifa

If taking a picture next to the tallest building in the world is not spectacular, I don’t know what else is.

Upon a visit to Dubai, you must visit the 2716 .5 ft structure, the Burj Khalifa.  the Burj Khalifa also holds a couple of other Guinness World Records.

5.  Burj Al-Arab

One thing about many tourists visit in Dubai is that they can spend just about anything for luxury.

There is nothing that defines luxury living like the Burj Al Arab. I mean there are other affordable living within Dubai, however, for opulence, this is the right place.

6.  Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

Dubai is also the home of fascinating aqua life. The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo have thousands of fish and underwater wildlife.

Some of the activities in the aquarium are; Boat rides, shark diving, ocean educational programs, cage diving, and cage snorkeling, and others.

There you will experience the best of aqua environment and other exciting activities.

7.  Dubai Dolphinarium

It is not a visit to Dubai without visiting the Dubai dolphinarium. There, you will get to watch dolphins perform and even swim with the dolphins.

A ticket to the Dubai Dolphinarium costs about AED50 for an adult and AED30 for a child.

The dolphinarium also has quite a number of exotic birds.

8.  Dubai Fountain

Another spectacular thing to do in Dubai is to see the Dubai fountain. Known as the world’s best musical choreographed fountain, the Dubai fountain should be on your top priorities.

It is the perfect location for a romantic getaway vacation.

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is just not a city of great scenery but also one full of adventurous activities. On your visit to Dubai be prepared to get Sporty.

  • Arabian Camel Safari
  • Dubai Indoor ski
  • Explore Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Amazing Dancing Fountain Show
  • Arabian Abra Ride
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride
  • Ocean School Program
  • Shark Dive
  • Wild Wadi Water Park Rides
  • Visit the Burj Al Arab
  • Shopping at Dubai Mall
  • Jumeirah Beach Walk
  • Skydiving


A visit to Dubai is one of a kind travel experience. The city has been made to represent all fun activities in one place. The Architectural designs are divine, the culture and the cuisine are just the right fit.

It is therefore undoubtedly true that Dubai is one of the best vacation spots in the World.