Will Travel Insurance Protect Me During the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic is completely reshaping the way we travel around the world and, for some, it might have already meant their winter plans have been cancelled or changed. With a new national lockdown currently in England soon to be uplifted but with many restrictions that are going to be still left in place, antsy travellers looking to move around will have to look at how COVID-19 will have impacted their travel insurance and whether these insurances cover situations related to this respiratory virus. Being this situation quite new, there are a lot of differences between what some agencies cover compared to others, so it is important that you read and understand these in order to make your claims. You can check out some travel agencies such as Love Holidays and their customer’s Love Holidays Reviews, you might find a quality agency which can always be great help to guide you through these strange times. It might also be useful to read reviews of various travel insurance companies like these jet2 reviews to find out if their travel coverage has been enough for other customers.

During a trip, there are two main ways you can be protected: either through a travel medical insurance or directly through trip insurance. Whichever it is, you need to look for an insurance plan that has COVID-19 benefits that can offer coverage for situations such as a refund for cancellation of travel plans, refund for airline and hotel reservations, which are more usual in trip insurance plans, or coverage for protection against accidents, injuries or illness while travelling, which usually offers more coverage if it is a travel medical insurance. Regarding your travel insurance, it’s recommended you look at Trip Cancellation benefits or Cancel For Any Reason type of insurances since during these current circumstances, many situations can arise that are out of our control and you don’t want to be losing the possibility of a refund due to your situation not being exactly what they offered to cover.

Also, be aware that if you are planning to purchase a plan, you will most likely not be covered if the place you are travelling to has been declared a dangerous area due to the coronavirus, and this applies both to medical travel and travel insurance. Regarding medical insurance with Coronavirus coverage and what to expect from the different providers, it may vary a lot depending on the insurance policy, with various types of benefits and exclusions for COVID-19, so we recommend you look at a variety of options and compare before you make a choice.

Make sure to be healthy before travelling since coronavirus treatment is usually subjected to certain conditions, especially when it comes to pre-existing conditions of the patient. So make sure either you are healthy, or your medical insurance covers and is aware of those pre-existing conditions, and especially, make sure that you do not contract COVID-19 before your trip has begun. It’s also important to know that your local health insurance will most likely not cover medical expenses or emergency medical situations abroad. Also, be aware that some medical facilities abroad may require you to pay them even before they treat you. This all highlights the fact that good travel and medical insurance for your next trip will be essential for you to enjoy a carefree trip.